Is a Family Zipline Adventure for You?

Last Updated on February 11, 2015 by Jody Halsted

I am terrified of heights. And of falling. And yet, I love ziplining. Don’t get me wrong, I’m still incredibly scared when I begin- but the exhilaration soon takes over and I’m enjoying the unbelievable freedom that comes from flying over trees, canyons, and heart-stopping views.

Family Zipline Adventure in Eureka Springs, Arkansas
Suited up for ziplining! Helmets, gloves, and my GoPro!

Our first family zipline adventure was a single line over a canyon- and I was terrified!- as you can see in the video below:

Our second adventure was much better- and more intense! A 10 line zip, it began with short lines barely suspended above the ground. By the time we got to the longest line that soared over 200 feet above the valley below, we were ready for the thrill!

Still wondering if a family zipline adventure is right for you?

Is a Zipline Adventure Right for Your Family?

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What is a zipline? A zipline, also called a zip wire, is a pulley suspended on a stainless steel cable and mounted on an incline. Gravity pulls the rider from the top of the incline to the bottom. It’s a simple concept for such a thrilling ride!
As they gain popularity with families looking for adventure, ziplines are popping up across the world. A quick web search should return results, as will a quick call to the local visitors’ bureau. But is a zipline adventure right for your family? Read on for tips to help you decide.

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