For a Dash of Nostalgia Eat at Starlite Diner in Little Rock

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We weren’t in Little Rock very long- just a dash in to see a friend graduate from Law School- and then we were on our way home via Eureka Springs.  We had promised the girls ice cream for being so patient during the long graduation ceremony, but first we needed (a very late) lunch.  We decided to get away from the convention center area- it was quite crowded and we didn’t want to wait- so we hit the road and I started searching for a place to eat on Yelp- which is how we found the Starlite Diner.

Not Your Average Greasy Spoon

Starlite Diner in North LIttle Rock, Arkansas
Shining Exterior of the Starlite Diner

The Starlite Diner has a 50’s dining car vibe from the moment you see its shining aluminum exterior and striped awning.  The art on the walls enhances the nostalgia with tattoo art you may have seen on your uncle who was in the Navy- only the colors are much more bold.

Art in the Starlite Diner, North Little Rock, Arkansas
Tattoo Art

With only 8 booths and half a dozen seats at the counter, the Starlite Diner can have a wait during rush times.  Our visit took place mid-afternoon; two other booths were being used and we were seated right away.

Fresh Diner Fare

Food at Starlite Diner, Little Rock, Arkansas
Food at Starlite Diner

While the food at the Starlite Diner can only be called diner fare, the fact that is is fresh- and much of it locally produced- is evident.  From the hand cut french fries to the fresh herbs in the omelet, this is food that creates fans and brings them back for more.  Our plates came loaded- thankfully we planned for the girls to split a burger!  Doug raved about his “Hog” omelet, while the girls and I couldn’t get enough of the fries- crispy on the outside and so white and fluffy inside!

Sitting at the counter, Starlite Diner
Sitting at the counter

Add in the hand-dipped shakes and hands-on owners Tim and Amy, and the Starlite Diner will leave you craving another visit before you’ve walked out the door.

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