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Highlights of Ireland’s Wild Atlantic Way

Last Updated on November 25, 2015 by Jody Halsted

Bits of Ireland’s incredible driving route are likely familiar to those researching a vacation, but some of these highlights of Ireland’s Wild Atlantic Way are truly secrets to many visitors to the Emerald Isle.

Looking out from the Sky Road along the Wild Atlantic Way. Ireland vacation tips.

Family-Friendly Highlights Along the World’s Longest Signposted Driving Route

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Stretching over 2500 kilometers along Ireland’s sometimes stark, always rugged and never disappointing western coastline, the Wild Atlantic Way is the longest fully sign-posted driving route in the world.
Beginning near the most northerly point of Ireland and ending near the most southerly, the route is filled with breathtaking views, family-friendly activities, and more incredible, fresh, local food than you can imagine.
A drive of the entire route would take 6 weeks to do properly and not feel rushed. But if your Ireland vacation runs 7-10 days, choosing one or two of the highlighted locations below will easily fulfill your Ireland travel dreams.

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