Luggage Tags as Unique as You Are

Last Updated on May 26, 2014 by Jody Halsted

I know that your suitcase probably came with a generic luggage tag. And it looks just like every other luggage tagged suitcase out there… You’ve probably read all those tips about making your luggage different – colored tape, ribbons, etc. Why not customize a luggage tag?

While cruising thru etsy I found SparkleFactor and loved their customized luggage tags. So I contacted them, explained what I was looking for and what information I would like and here is what I got:

Sparkle Factor Luggage tags 2

Sparkle Factor Luggage Tags

I absolutely adore the little girl with her luggage! And the monogrammed “H” is nice for me- why should my kids get all the cute stuff?

Luggage tags are completely customizable. Choose the background, a graphic (83 available but be sure to ask if you don’t see what you want- they may have it!), choose what you want printed (both sides or just one) and choose your hook (climbers hook, plastic loop or ribbon for a bow). Four tags are $3- and they can all be different designs and hooks. That’s less than $1 per tag- you can’t make them yourself for that price! All designs are emailed to you for final approval before printing and mailing.

The lamination is nice and heavy so these tags will last through your travels- whether they take you to grandma’s house or the Grand Canyon. These would also make a great gift tag that could be reused! No waste!

Sparkle Factor also has note cards, hair bows and fancy hair clips. The ladies are wonderful to work with and my daughter loves her special tags. One for the backpack, one for the suitcase, one for the diaper bag and one for mommy!

SF tag on bag

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  1. Great blog. I’d love to use these luggage tags in July when I focus on Travel on Momtrends. Thanks for the ideal. Let me know if you want to do a guest blog spot that month.

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