Roadtrip to Blissdom

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In just 3 weeks I’ll be dropping my girls off at school with an extra big hug and a couple of kisses. I’ll come home, pack the mini van, pick up my blogfriend Paula and we’ll hit the road. Destination: Blissdom.

If you haven’t heard of Blissdom let me fill you in. It’s a terrific blog conference. I attended last year and, using the information I learned there, grew my blog 120%. I made connections that helped me grow as a professional. And I had fun- which is always important.

Blissdom is held in Nashville, Tennessee. That’s a fair distance from Iowa. 10 hours to be exact. Last year we flew. Which, all told, took about 10 hours (awake at 2:45 am to catch 5:30 am flight, layover in Memphis, arrive in Nashville, collect luggage, catch shuttle- arrive around 1 pm at hotel.) So this year we are driving.

10 hours. 5 states. 1 minivan.

Driving may be less expensive than flying, but it’s still not cheap. We are currently accepting sponsors for our drive. I’m open to options involving (removable) logos to my van, information to pass out as we drive, snacks and drinks (munchies are important on a roadtrip), or anything else you may think up. In addition Paula and I are both very active on Twitter and Facebook and between us we have 3 blogs. That’s a lot of exposure!

So let’s talk! Just email me and put “Road to Blissdom” in the subject line.

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