Missouri Rest Area a Fun Stop With Kids

Last Updated on December 24, 2012 by Jody Halsted

Two miles south of the Iowa border along I-35 southbound sits a new rest area. It is rather over-named the Eagleville Welcome Center and Rest Area but it is a really nice rest area- especially if you have kids and the weather is nice.

It has all your “regular” rest area amenities: travel information, restroom facilities, vending machines, and picnic tables. And then it has a bit more…

The first thing we noticed was the tall grass “pet area” behind the building. It’s more than a pet area. Some of the grasses are mown to create walking paths back to the scuptures- which appear on the horizon of this photo as small, dark figures.

Up-close and personal visits show the buffalo roaming on the plains and a Native American on horseback. It’s art that actually makes sense.

The girls had a great time running through the grass and burning some energy after a couple of hours in the car- with a couple more to go.

Another great addition if you have kids is a small play area. Send the kids over to climb and slide before you all load in the car and continue on your way.


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