Wanna Be RVers

Class C RV
The Class C RV we are renting from Road Trip RV Adventures

Doug and I have often dreamed of owning an RV.  With as much driving as we do we dream of the additional space, the ability to have the girls lay down to sleep as we drive, the hotel savings and the ability to “move up” from tent camping (especially attractive when our camping weekend has a rainy forecast!)

Of course we’ve never actually used an RV…  And we’re far from the “typical” RV-er (younger by about 25 years or so…).  We found a small, local Iowa RV rental company, Road Trip RV Adventures, to help us with our first RV experience.  We adore supporting small businesses when we can, and this one is no exception!  Their rates are fair, the RVs are very nice and the owners are incredibly helpful!

We’re really excited about our upcoming adventure and would love any tips you might have!  I can’t wait to share our RVing tales!

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  1. @iatraveler We learned important things like how to flush the toilet. And that the Huz would prefer a larger RV. 🙂

  2. I’m always a bit nervous about Class C’s because they tend to have only lap belts as seatbelts, and the opportunity to move around while the vehicle is moving.We pull a travel trailer with a large SUV and have really enjoyed it.  When we go to campgrounds, there are always many families around, so I don’t know if your age assessment is anything to worry about.
    Tips:  Pull a small car behind if you can to use for running around.  You probably won’t want to reset and level the RV every time you want to go somewhere for the day. andTake the girls’ bikes along–they’ll have a grand time riding on the campground roads.  Our kids use their bikes more when we’re camping than any other time.

    1.  @minnemom minnemom   And the reasons that make you nervous are the reason we choose the RV over the travel trailer.  🙂  I like the fact that we can move around- not excessively, mind you, but have the ability.  Also that we can drive later and still let the girls lay down to sleep.
      On this trip we won’t be in any one spot long enough for biking or to need a towed vehicle- but those are great tips!

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