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A bit more info:

First off- the Samsung Galaxy Tab is not a phone.  You can not make calls on it- unless you use Skype.  Now that we have that clear…

There is much to like about this product.  The calendar layout is spectacular and the device can work as a 3G mobile hotspot (supporting up to 5 additional devices).  The Android market is filled with apps for work and play, many are free.  And video downloads with Blockbuster play beautifully on the 7″ screen.

I was not fond of the camera.  The rear facing camera is only 3 MP, and the front facing camera is 1.3 MP.  Handy in a pinch, but not great.  Also, it feels very “clunky” to take pictures- and video- with this device.  In my opinion, these items are not necessary on this type of device and the space they take would be better used for other applications.

I let my husband take this to work a few times and he loved it!  He was able to access personal email, websites and news without using company resources and it fit easily in the inner pocket of his jacket.  We are considering downgrading him from his smartphone and replacing it with a tablet.

Bottom line…  If you travel with a laptop for work this will not replace it.  However, if you drag along your laptop mainly for email, Facebook and watching videos you will love the ease of the Galaxy Tab.

Available from Verizon Wireless; $599.00.  No contract required; 3G service available on a month-to-month basis.  Mobile hotspot is an additional charge.

Samsung Continuum- a Galaxy phone

If you haven’t made the switch to a Driod phone yet, the Samsung Continuum has a dual display screen and real-time delivery of important updates on its Ticker display.  The 5 MP camera and HD video are easy to use; images and video are easy to upload and share.  This phone can also be used as a 3G mobile hotspot (additional charge).  It also comes with an 8GB mini SD card and will accept up to a 32GB mini SD.

This is a comfortable phone to hold and use.

Available from Verizon Wireless; $199.99 (after mail in rebate) with 2 year contract.

Disclosure: I have been a Verizon customer for over 5 years (as an AT&T customer previously I have personally found that their coverage doesn’t work many places my family ventures) and have been happy with their extensive coverage areas and products. The products I am talking about today were loaned to me by Verizon Wireless. I did not receive cash or product compensation for this post.

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    1. I have a netbook, so I can answer that question. And it will be a rather un-helpful answer as it really depends on what you want the item to do. If you will need to work (write a blog post, upload photos from your camera, code a website) I would go with the netbook. If you just want to keep up with email, get on Facebook and Twitter or watch movies, then the tablet is wonderful. They both serve a purpose, you just need to know which purpose you need. Hope that helped!

      PS Did you meet Karen from Verizon at I_Blog? I am sure she would love to talk more with you since you have such a large homeschool network!

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