Powermat Portable Charger- Travel Gadget… in a minute

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A bit more information:

I had been intrigued by the Powermat for quite a while so I was very excited when I was offered the opportunity to review the Portable Mat with Powercube.  As you can see from the video, it releases me from the bond of all those cords- plus I don’t risk losing one when I travel!  (oh, yes, it’s been known to happen…)

Another plus is that it only uses one outlet.  Hotel rooms are notorious for not having enough electrical outlets.  I’ve moved furniture and crawled under some pretty disgusting beds to gain access to enough outlets for my gadgets.  Love that I can charge up to 4 items on this is I utilize the USB port.

The universal powercube that comes with the portable travel mat has 7 tips (Mini USB, Micro USB, Samsung, LG, Apple, Nintendo DSi, Sony PSP) that will fit practically every device you own.  An even simpler route- and one that is very handy if you plan to use your Powermat at home- is to purchase the receiver for your particular items.

I love that the Portable Powermat folds so nicely and the case holds both the mat and adapter.  I do wish the case were a bit larger to hold the Powercube Receivers.  That said, I love how the powercube receivers hold the tips securely.

If your family has electronic gadgets  there is a Powermat option for you.  Our Portable Powermat sits out while we are home because it is so handy to use- and we don’t have to track down cords!


The Portable Powermat with Universal Powercube combo is $99.99 (though it is on special now at Powermat.com for $59.99).

An additional Universal Powercube (7 tips) is $39.99 and a 2 tip Powercube is $29.99.

Individual item receivers range in price from $9.99 to #39.99.

Disclosure:  I was given the Portable Powermat and Powercube to review.  I was not compensated for this post; thoughts and opinions are my own.

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