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stitch fix for conference clothes

A couple months ago I shared my experiences using Stitch Fix for travel clothes. After that ‘fix’, I scheduled my next one, for late July with my mind on clothes for two conferences, one in mid-August in Louisiana, the other in Atlanta in mid-September. I love that you can leave notes for your stylist when you schedule your fix. What I told her:

I have a conference to attend in early August in Louisiana. It will be hot. It is a travel conference, so casual, nice, but not too business-y. It will be hot outside (tours) but AC inside (layers).

Those notes, along with a very detailed style profile, guide your personal stylist as they choose pieces for you. This was my 5th ‘fix’, and most of the items were spot on for the conferences I’ll be attending.

Stitch Fix for Conference Clothes

For this “fix” I received 4 tops and a dress. As I pulled the neatly folded items out of the box I had definite thoughts. Ready for the style show?

Item #1: Cheryl Chevron Stripe V-Neck Tank $28

Cheryl Chevron Stripe V-Neck Tank - Stitch Fix

I admit to not being a fan the minute I saw this top. I knew it would fit tight across the chest and chevron stripes meeting in the middle? In addition to that, it has a racer-back which is difficult to find in bras my size.

I also wondered who, exactly, would wear this to a conference.

Reaction: No




Item #2: Juliano Chevron Print Twist Shoulder Cowl Neck Top $88

Juliano Chevron Print Twist Shoulder Cowl Neck Top - Stitch FixI didn’t have a very positive reaction to this top, either, upon removing it from the box. Though I loved the colors, I’m not a big fan of chevron.

But this top seemed completely altered when I put it on. It fit well and the cowl neck lays really nicely. It’s great with jeans, and would work nicely for tours or for meetings if paired with a skirt.

Reaction: A surprised yes.



Item #3: Daniella Lace Detail Cinch Waist Blouse $28

Daniella Lace Detail Cinch Waist Blouse This top is, surprisingly, the least expensive item in my “fix”. And, again, initial impressions weren’t positive.

Put on, though, the lace top of the sleeves is really nice. While I wouldn’t wear this with jeans – that blue just doesn’t work with denim (in my opinion), I think it would look nice with a pair of fitted tan pants or a pencil skirt.

Reaction: A strong maybe.






Item #4: Carson Lace Detail Cross-Front Blouse $64

Carson Lace Detail Cross-Front Blouse - Stitch FixThis blouse I liked out of the box. The front is fun and flow-y with the layers of fabric. The back is fun, with the lace at the top.

I love that this top can go with jeans (though not with the 5″ silver stilettos) dressed casually, or with a skirt to dress up a bit. This top is perfect for evening events, and I can’t wait to wear it!

Reaction: Definite yes.

Item #5: Kamile Jersey Ruched Detail Dress $64

Kamile Jersey Ruched Detail Dress - Stitch FixI’m not gonna lie- I loved this dress the minute it came out of the box. I did worry a bit about the ruching , but it wasn’t bulky and the fit of the dress was just perfect.

I can easily pair this with a belted sweater if it’s chilly.

Reaction: Definite yes.





What I Kept & How Much It Cost

The total cost of the items in this “fix” was $272.00.

Minus a $30 credit and the $20 styling fee (refunded if you purchase any item from your “fix”) for a total of $222.00.

Now, here’s where it gets tricky…

The tank top is a definite no, and the cobalt blue top a maybe. Those two items, together, cost $56.

Stitch Fix offers a ‘Buy All’ discount. The discount on this “fix” is $63.00, bringing the total to $159.00. I would pay $166 if I sent the two items back.

So, in the crazy way of discounts, I actually save money by keeping all the items. Which is fine, really. The tank is comfy and I can wear it around the house.

Use this link to try Stitch Fix yourself!

Disclosure: was not paid for this review, nor was I given any incentive to share my experience with Stitch Fix. That said, links to Stitch Fix are referral links, and if you sign up I will receive a referral credit toward my next “fix”.

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