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Last Updated on May 26, 2014 by Jody Halsted

It’s no secret that Janine King is my favorite bag designer. Since I found her during my search for a beautiful laptop tote I have become a rabid fan. Everything she makes (and since I have practically everything she makes I can say this with certainty) is the highest quality and craftsmanship available. I get rave reviews on my bags (my laptop sleeve was kidnapped at BlissDom and not returned until the kidnapper realized it didn’t fit her computer!) and love telling everyone about Janine’s great designs.

So, while browsing the site today to visit my Fronce tote (that I’ve been coveting since I told you about it in January and finally ordered), I noticed a new addition to the Janine King lineup of beautiful bags for techy people: the new Kindle Klutch Deluxe!

Janine KingI’m coveting the Op Art pumpkin design… And I don’t even have a Kindle! But, like all of Janine’s bags, this can be used for so much more…

Because this is a bag specifically to protect your Kindle it has core layer of 1/4” foam padding that’s shock absorbent, anti-static and water resistant. The exterior dimensions are 10″x7″ and the exterior zip pocket is 10″x5″.

Now… About those other uses if you don’t have a Kindle…

  • this would make a great carry case for a thin pack of wipes and a couple of diapers. Great for your toddler who doesn’t require an entire diaper bag.
  • a cute clutch for evenings out when you need more than “just a lipstick” but not your entire purse. You can toss in your camera easily and know it’s protected!
  • heck, you could put a “real” book in here.
  • or a notepad and pens…
  • sketchbook and pencils…

Go over and have a look at the new Kindle Klutch (it’s on sale right now!) and all of Janine’s other great bags!

And stay tuned: rumor has it Janine will be involved in the spring Bloggy Giveaway Carnival May 4-8!

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