Your Most Affordable Summer Vacation? Rent an RV!

Last Updated on June 18, 2015 by Jody Halsted

Many thanks to my sister-in-law who sent the shot below – from Good Housekeeping (summer 2015).

For an affordable summer vacation rent an RV! From Good Housekeeping (2015)

Though I think some of their logic may be a bit off – who drives 200 miles each day on vacation? – I can’t argue that an RV rental is A) an amazing summer vacation and B) provides options that you might not have in a hotel.

Where to Rent an RV

There are some pretty big RV rental companies out there : We see Cruise America and El Monte RVs rolling down the interstates all the time. But those companies aren’t convenient for everyone.

To search for an RV near you, try RV Share, a website that facilitates private rentals from RV owners. Our beauty, R’Velle, is listed on RV Share. She just returned from an 18 day trip to California.

Still not sure if an RV vacation is right for you? Check out this article at Minitime (written by yours truly) about the Fact & Fiction of renting an RV for your family vacation.

Would you rent an RV for a family vacation? Have you rented an RV?

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