Handling Rainy Weather During Your Family Vacation

With as often as my family visits Ireland, we’ve learned a thing or two about packing for and dealing with wet weather.  I was thrilled to be interviewed for this article by Colleen Lanin for Today (Show) Travel.

Rainy day at Birr castle
Creator of the Ireland with Kids website, Jody Halsted, says, “There is a saying in Ireland that goes, If the Irish waited on the weather they would be forever waiting.” When traveling somewhere that gets a lot of rain, like Ireland, Halsted advises, “The best thing you can do is just realize that you will likely have some rainy days and pack for them. Pack a weather resistant jacket and shoes, extra socks and an umbrella that will condense down to pocket size.”

Click to continue reading Make the most of a rainy family vacation on Today Travel.

And check out Ireland With Kids for my favorite rain gear for travel (to Ireland or anywhere else).


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