5 Incredible Midwest Towns You Must Visit

Last Updated on February 15, 2016 by Jody Halsted

I’m a big fan of my Midwestern home. Half way from everywhere in the contiguous US, we often choose road trips over flying.

This past summer my family explored quite of bit of the land oft referred to as ‘fly over country’ – and discovered these 5 Midwest towns you must visit!

5 Incredible Midwest Towns You Must Visit
Don’t miss these 5 incredible Midwest towns: Hayward, WI; Rockford, IL; Fort Wayne, IN; Eureka Springs, AR & Hot Springs, SD.

5 Incredible Midwest Towns You Aren’t Visiting – But Should!

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Living in the heart of America’s Heartland lends itself to wonderful exploratory road trips. From Great Plains to arid Badlands, Great Lakes to Ozark Mountains, the Midwest is far more than flat land filled with corn, beans, and hogs – it’s a traveler’s paradise!

Each of the five fabulous towns listed below offers family-friendly accommodations, activities, and incredible dining (even the kids menus are good!) Let me inspire you to fly in to ‘fly over country’ for your next family vacation!

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