Excited to Partner with Kum & Go This Summer

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Sometimes it’s very easy, as a travel blogger, to find companies you want to work with.  When you use their products often, talk about the company with friends and go out of your way to choose that company over another, closer, competitor, you know that company is a natural fit.

When we began planning our upcoming RV Road Trip Adventure to Montana, it was natural that I would create a campaign for my favorite Midwest gas station– Kum & Go.  Though Kum & Go is one of the largest convenience store chains in the Midwest, I wasn’t a bit nervous about pitching my idea to them.  (OK, maybe I was a little nervous.)  But here’s the thing…  I’m a big fan of Kum & Go.  They are in my community.  I use their products.  And I know why I seek out their stores over the competition.

Thankfully Kum & Go liked my idea so, during our trip to Montana and back, I will be checking out Kum & Go locations along our routes.  We’ll be filling the tank, grabbing snacks and having fun along the way.  You can follow our antics here on Family Rambling, on Twitter (@iatraveler4848484848 and #travelmidwest) and at the Family Rambling Facebook page.

Why I Choose Kum & Go Gas Stations

It all boils down to the store associates.  No matter which Kum & Go I visit, no matter the state, I am always (always) impressed by how friendly the employees are.  I’ve not once been treated poorly, or even nonchalantly, by a Kum & Go employee.  With as much driving as we do, that’s saying a lot!

I’m pretty sure the friendliness- and happiness- of the employees goes back to the core values of the company.  You see, Kum & Go began in the small Iowa town of Hampton in 1959 and is still family-owned.  You can say what you will about Iowa, but the core values we hold dear tend to stay with us.  Kum & Go still focus on the 5 core values that have been with them since the beginning:

  1. Passion  We love what we do and it shows in our work
  2. Integrity  We do the right thing even when it is difficult
  3. Teamwork  We believe in greatness that is only achieved in unity
  4. Caring  We have genuine compassion for our customers, associates, families and communities (in fact, Kum & Go shares 10% of its profits annually with charitable organizations)
  5. Excellence  We expect and deliver superior performance

I love that Kum & Go so clearly state their values and that they align with mine.  But, if you want to know another reason why I love Kum & Go, it’s because they have the best soda fountain in my town.  Truly.  Their mix just tastes better than anywhere else.  And I’m not the only one who thinks so (see talking about the company with friends, above). 

F'Real Shakes at Kum & Go
My girls think the best thing about Kum & Go are the fun shake machines and tasty shakes.

Another fun thing they do are contests and sweepstakes.  There is always something going on.  In honor of the Olympics, Kum & Go has the Thirst for Victory game this summer.  Tell Kum & Go your best game and you could win free fountain drinks for a year.  “Thirst” for Victory- get it? 

I’m truly excited to partner with Kum & Go during our road trip and hope you’ll follow our adventure and share your thoughts. 


Disclosure:  I am a fan of Kum & Go.  While Kum & Go is providing compensation (in the form of gas cards) for our trip, I was not required to say all these nice things about them.

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