Backyard Safari Outfitters Gear Makes Your Backyard an Adventure!

Last Updated on July 4, 2017 by Jody Halsted

A few weeks ago I received a rather large box that weighed surprisingly little.  Now, days when we receive packages are kind of like Christmas, so my girls were excited.  They were even more excited when the box actually contained something for them.  Inside were three items from Backyard Safari Outfitters courtesy of Team Mom.

We received the Cargo Vest, the Mega View Periscope and the Bug Vacuum.

Backyard Safari Outfitters Gear

I may have tortured my girls as they had to look but not touch the toys for a week.  My plan was for them to be used when we went camping.  Unfortunately we had to cancel our camping plans as it has been raining here for the past 10 days so we had to make do with playing in our own yard.

Backyard Safari Outfitters Pop Up Field GuideOf the three items we received I like the cargo vest (ARV $19.99) the best as it appeals to the crazed organizer in me.  With plentiful pockets and clips you have a place for everything you might need for exploring: binoculars, gloves, field guide (you get one with every item), compass and more.

The most intriguing item for my girls was the periscope (ARV $24.99).  It expanded to over 4 feet tall- which proved to be a bit unwieldy for my eldest.  I like that you can telescope it up only as high as you need it and it was a great science-type lesson to explain how it works.  Of course my girls aren’t too stealth or sneaky with it yet.

Backyard Safari Outfitters Periscope

A cool feature of the periscope that we haven’t tried yet is that it can be submersible up to 16 inches.  Could be fun for a trip to the lake.

The final item we received, the Bug Vacuum (ARV $19.99), was an item we had previously owned.  And while my girls had fun sucking up ants with it outside they are really looking forward to staying up late this weekend to catch fireflies with it!  The built in magnifying glass helps you see the bugs up close.  The girls like to count their legs.

Backyard Safari Outfitters Bug Vacuum

Backyard Safari Outfitters has a complete line of gear that includes Field Tools , Mini Lantern, 3-Way Field Radio, Flashlight and more.  The items are well thought out, easy for kids to handle and sturdy.  Items are labeled “Ages 5 & up” but my 3-year-old had no problem with them (though the vest really was too big for her).

Disclosure:  I received the Backyard Safari Outfitters items from Team Mom to review.  I was not compensated in any other way for this post.  Photos and thoughts are my own.

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  1. Are you kidding me? Wow would my kids LOOOVE this stuff! I bought a ‘bug container’ at the dollar store on Saturday and it lasted all of about 3 hours before it was ‘loved’ to death and the screen was coming apart from the frame…my poor little guy was trying to catch some little friends and keep them in this broken contraption!
    I think I may have found a place to get his next birthday gifts from!

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