Be Reunited With Your Lost Luggage

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I just found the other day. It’s a great free resource in case your bags don’t make it to your destination when you do.

All you do is sign up and you are given a tag number. You can print as many tags as you wish (there are 5 to each printed page) and you just attach them to your bags when you fly.

I am going to laminate mine so they hold up. Or you could put them into a luggage tag.

If your bag is lost you report it lost using a very easy online form. And when it is found the online finder’s form is just as easy. When your bag is found you receive an alert via email or, for $4.99 per year, an alert on your cellphone via text.

I really like this because, while I will put my name and phone number on my luggage tag, I don’t like to list my address.

For more information check out their FAQs page. Really a great free service.

There are other handy benefits, too, like an itinerary keeper and a contacts list.

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