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In my quest for mess free items for our upcoming flights I found the Water Wow! Doodle Book at my local Target store (online at shop.nickjr.com) by Giddy Up. Brenna is a big Backyardigans fan but I also saw books featuring Diego, Dora and Spongebob.

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This product is a mix between an Aquadoodle (water pen) and the Color Wonder products (pictures appear in color). You fill the water brush and use it to find the items listed above the picture:

HKWT Photos 016

I like that it has a “seek & find” game to it that Brenna can play by herself by looking at the pictures or I can play with her by reading the questions.

The book itself is about 12″ tall, 6″ wide and 1/2″ thick. Each book has 4 game pages, allowing you to continue playing while pages dry. It has a carrying handle at the top and the water brush clicks into it’s holder.

A note about the pen: You squeeze it gently to wet the brush. If it is squeezed hard by your child it can leak. For that reason I say this product is good for ages 3 and up- you can tell them (and sometimes they listen) not to squeeze the pen.

I really like the educational values this product has (seek & find, counting, colors) and that it is reusable. A great travel product!

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Brenna loves it!

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