I’m Going to Disney World!

Last Updated on May 2, 2013 by Jody Halsted

Mickey Waffle Walt Disney World
Mickey Waffle Photo credit: Kelly L.

OK, I am still pinching myself that this is happening…

In 2 weeks I will leave my house…  Alone…  To go to Disney World.

I received an invitation for a “culinary voyage” touted as: “Disney Parks Cuisine: From 5 Stars to Mickey Bars!”

I have no idea what this tour is going to include- besides food (I’m guessing a lot of food).  I do know that I (and the rest of the invitees) will be staying at the Disney BoardWalk Resort- which looks incredible.

I’ll be taking lots of pictures and lots of notes so I can share every detail of this experience with you.  If you want to follow the journey in “real time” I have a few suggestions:

We’ll be using #DisneyMedia on Twitter; you’ll be able to follow all of us attending the event.  (If you aren’t following me yet I’m @iatraveler.

If you aren’t on Twitter (and don’t want to be) become a fan of the new Family Rambling Fan Page  as I’ll post photos and quick notes there, too!  Click the button below to become a fan!
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I’ve not been to Walt Disney World before…  If you have been what is your favorite food there?

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  1. How awesome! How in the world did you get selected for this? Did you have to apply? I love Disney World… been there about ten times, but not at all within the last 15 years, so I can’t give any food recommendations. I’ll just have to learn all about it from you!

    1. I am involved with some media companies- plus I write about food on another blog and travel on this one, so I’m a natural fit.

    1. Nope… it’s just me. I did have to promise that we would go next year to celebrate all our birthdays- Caelan will be 5, Brenna 7 (Doug and I also have birthdays at that time, too, but I’m not telling you how old we are!)

  2. oooh… I think they need a BrandChef there too!

    Something my wife and I have been talking about – a food tour! Start in St. Louis and head south and across the gulf area west… 🙂 Still planning…

    Keep Cooking!
    Andrew B. Clark
    The Brand Chef

  3. Can’t WAIT to meet you, Jody! There’s nothing I like better than Disney + Food, so this media event is a dream come true for me, too! Counting down the days… (You’re going to LOVE Disney World!)

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