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Is Extended Stay America the Right Hotel for a Family Vacation?

Last Updated on April 15, 2016 by Jody Halsted

When choosing a hotel for a family vacation it’s important to know your priorities. What do you need most in a hotel room?

If your first choices are luxury, amenities, and pampering let me save you some time and say Extended Stay America is not for you.

If you are looking for good value in a comfortable space, then read on!

Our Stay at Extended Stay America in Overland Park, Kansas

While attending a conference this past winter I dropped my card into a drawing for a 2 night stay at any Extended Stay America. I was surprised at my win as there were lots of cards in that drawing! Looking over our travel plans I was pleased to see that Extended Stay America was in the Overland Park suburb of Kansas City – the exact destination we needed for an upcoming Irish dance competition.

The Extended Stay America in Overland Park blended seamlessly into the landscape of office complexes surrounding it. Our Friday evening arrival was met with a half empty parking lot, the business travelers having departed for home.

Check in was quick and friendly. We even received a call after settling in to see if there was anything we needed.

Our suite was spacious and very well laid out, with plenty of room for our family of 4. I was most impressed by the large closet, and I really liked that it had a curtain as opposed to sliding doors that often stand open and in the way.

Comfortable room and large closet at Extended Stay America: Hotel for a Family Vacation | FamilyRambling.com

The full, but compact, kitchen was quite nice, and the bar seating was perfect for working or eating.

Full kitchen at Extended Stay America: Hotel for a Family Vacation | FamilyRambling.com

I was thrilled that the beds were queen sized as so many hotels put double beds in two-bed rooms. My girls, however, have difficulty sharing a bed- no matter the size. Apparently they are both ‘blanket hogs’.

Comfortable room at Extended Stay America: Hotel for a Family Vacation | FamilyRambling.com

The morning ‘grab & go’ breakfast was simple – instant oatmeal, muffins, granola bars and fruit- along with coffee and hot water for tea or cocoa. It was perfect for getting out the door and getting on with our day. Of course, we could have made something more substantial in our kitchen had we wanted to.

Grab & Go Breakfast at Extended Stay America: Hotel for a Family Vacation | FamilyRambling.com

My Thoughts on Staying at Extended Stay America with Family

If all your hotel needs to be is a comfortable place to lay your head and maybe help your budget by providing a place to cook healthy meals for your family, Extended Stay America may be just what you are looking for. Our stay was pleasant, our room was clean, and the staff was there to help if we needed them. We would definitely consider this hotel chain for future family trips.

What Makes Extended Stay America a Good Hotel for a Family Vacation?

  • Save money on dining by making meals in the fully equipped kitchen.
  • Save on baggage charges by making use of the onsite laundry.
  • The grab & go breakfast will fuel your morning explorations.
  • Everyone can fit their things in the huge closet – even luggage can be out of the way!
  • Free wifi to share all those great vacation photos
  • The longer you stay the more you save!

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