Why A Family Camping Holiday Might Be The Way To Go For Your Next Trip

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Planning a vacation the whole family can enjoy can be a challenge- especially if you have children of different ages and interests. Cramped hotel rooms with a fight over the television remote aren’t my idea of fun.  One way to combat this problem is to embark on a camping holiday!

Camping with Kids

Before You Go

When planning a holiday it’s probably a good idea to have a family meeting with a large map. Find out what the majority want to do on their holiday and then discover if there are any campsites near the destination.

If your children are of varying ages then try to make sure that the older ones will take some responsibility for looking after the young ones. Modern campsites are very well equipped with play areas and pools and many of them will offer a child minding service for a small fee. Caravan Club lists details of the best campsites and their facilities on their website so you don’t have to go far to compare different locations.


One of the major bonuses of camping is the ability to control your finances. All too often, when settling the bill at a hotel, there will be numerous extras tacked onto the account. When camping you know exactly what you are paying for and can make your money stretch a little bit further if needed.

Even if you do not own a tent or caravan you can always hire one in advance and then choose how upscale you want your temporary home to be. ‘Glamping’ is very much in fashion at the moment with yurts, cabins and even tree houses on offer at many campsites as well as many other more luxurious amenities.

Throughout the world camping has undergone something of a revolution and an increasing number of people are using this option to explore the countryside and other nearby attractions.


The development of modern campsites also means that you are not restricted by the weather. The introduction of communal leisure areas has abolished the image of a noisy family crowded into one very small tent trying to cope with the boredom and the rain.

Camping is a great way to make new friends and also to spend some quality time with your family. The famous adventurer, Bear Grylls said: ‘There’s something about spending a night in a tent that restores a sense of peace and simplicity to your life.’

For those who love nature then a camping holiday is an ideal way of roaming through the local environment and being at one with nature. Most of the world’s national parks will be able to provide you with a map and offer advice as to the best places to spot the local wildlife.

Do remember, though, that if you are planning on a lengthy trek you should let someone know where you are likely to roam. Mobile phones don’t always pick up a signal in remote regions so it makes sense to stick together for safety.

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