Top Family-Friendly Attractions in Amsterdam

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The capital of the Netherlands has gained a reputation in recent decades as somewhere to visit when you’re a student, but you’ll be surprised at the amount of attractions there are here for families who book a stay in one of Amsterdam’s cheap hotels.

From the beautiful parks to the abundance of cycling opportunities, it is a particularly good place to come if you and your loved ones enjoy spending time together in the great outdoors. Hire a bicycle for the duration of your stay or stick to your feet as a means of exploring this vibrant city.

As well as being active, there are numerous great things to visit and do in the capital. Here is a pick of a few of our favourites.

Family-Friendly Attractions in Amsterdam

Amsterdam Dungeon

Amsterdam DungeonKids love all things gruesome, which is why a visit to the Amsterdam Dungeon will certainly be appreciated. As well as getting a chill from seeing the exhibits, they will also learn something about the city and its history during a visit here.

Five centuries of Amsterdam’s past have been brought to life within the dungeon’s walls thanks to the live shows the attraction puts on to visitors. There are also tours – but with a difference! Rather than just being led round by a guide, you will be able to see if you have what it takes to survive a plague.

As you walk, watch out for Peter Titelmann the executioner, as you don’t want to fall into his grasp. If you want even more of a scare, check out the rollercoaster at the end of the tour to really get your adrenalin pumping.


NEMO science center, AmsterdamThis science centre is an incredibly popular attraction, both with holidaymakers and locals. Although it is not connected in any way to Disney Pixar’s Finding Nemo, the name is actually a popular term for describing something that treads the fine line between fantasy and reality.

It is the largest science museum in the Netherlands and is packed full of interactive exhibitions kids will love – and that will help them learn something too. Upon entering the unusual building, you will be met with five storeys to explore.

You can see live performances, watch informative and fun films and go to demonstrations that will help bring the world of science and technology to life. Just a few of the things you and your kids can discover during your visit include what you’ll look like in 30 years’ time, how lightening works and what physiological reaction occurs when you kiss someone.

Madame Tussauds

Madame Tussaud AmsterdamThis amazing collection of wax figures is an enduringly popular place to visit as a family. Your children are sure to love seeing the lifelike versions of their favourite celebrities, who you can take a snap of them posing with to show to their friends back home.

It’s also the perfect opportunity to learn a little more about the Netherlands’ royal family, by checking out a throne just like the one Queen Beatrix sits on or finding out how to dress as a member of the monarchy.

Once your visit is complete, take the short walk to the Singel canal, which was used as a moat to protect the city until the 16th century. Simply strolling along it will allow you to see some of Amsterdam’s other famous sights, including one of the narrowest houses in the world.

Amsterdam Dungeon: photo credit: Szilveszter Farkas via photo pin cc
NEMO: photo credit: Feffef via photo pin cc
photo credit: eGuide Travel via photo pin cc

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