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When the grandparents were asking about what they could get the girls for Christmas I told them the Crayola Marker and Activity Tote with Color Wonder markers would be great. I was thinking it would be great for around the house or to take along someplace, I wasn’t really thinking about it being so nice to use during the travel.

The tote is wonderful for coloring on the go. The backing is sturdy and provides a great base for laptop coloring.

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There are “pockets” to hold the paper in place during coloring or carrying and two “flaps” that form the cover of the tote hold the markers in easy reach when the tote is opened.

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Transport is easy with the handle at the top.

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The tote comes with a 36 page activity book and 8 markers. (We already had some markers.) The 8 1/2 x 11 Color Wonder books (for purchase separately) will fit into this tote.

I have never had a problem with these markers discoloring clothing or furniture, nor have I noticed a “marker odor”. Small children may need help getting the book into the pockets so it won’t fall out when carried. In my opinion this is a great product for on-the-go artists.

Crayola recommends this for kids ages 3-9. My personal recommendation is 2-6.

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