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Family Getaways at Gaylord Opryland

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To wrap up 2012, I wanted to share my 10 most popular posts of the year. Post #9 is about one of my favorite hotels, the Gaylord Opryland in Nashville, Tennessee.

Originally published on March 14, 2011, I believe this post got it’s popularity in 2012 due to the partnership between Gaylord Hotels and DreamWorks® Animation that kicked off during the Christmas season of 2011.

Grand Entry at Gaylord Opryland
Brenna poses on the steps at Opryland

Though the partnership of the Gaylord Hotels and DreamWorks® hadn’t yet been announced when I took my family to the Opryland Hotel, we found plenty to keep the girls occupied and entertained.  From the indoor river ride, to the dozens of shops and restaurants, to wandering the endless miles of garden paths, we had a great stay and enjoyed our visit.

Later in the year we were able to experience ICE at the Gaylord Palms and get a first hand look at the Gaylord/DreamWorks® partnership.

The Gaylord Opryland covers 4 million square feet.  For reference that’s only slightly smaller than the Mall of America.  It’s incredibly huge and it is easy to get lost in the maze of rooms.  Tip:  Carpets in each section are coordinated to match the section; for example, carpets in the magnolia wing have magnolias on them. Thankfully the hotel gives you a very detailed map upon check in; after a couple days you’ll feel at home.

Inside the biodome- where it’s always 72°- you’ll find gardens filled with waterfalls, gazebos and fountains; the Delta which features shops, restaurants and a river (complete with river boat ride); enough dining options to please every member of your family; and a “secret” arcade your teen can escape to.

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