Two of My Favorite Travel Safety Products

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I have two safety products that travel everywhere with us.  No matter where we go or what we do.  And both products always elicit questions from parents who want more information.

Eddie Bauer Harness Buddy
Harness Buddy

Let’s face it- kids are fast.  Take your eyes off them for one minute and a terrifying game of hide-and-seek may begin.  We’ve been using the Harness Buddy (ours is by Eddie Bauer) since my five year old began walking.  We chose the Harness Buddy over a plain “kid leash” for a couple of reasons:

  1. It’s plush and the harness is soft.  This makes it nice to wear in the summer as the straps won’t irritate tender skin.
  2. It’s a puppy and a small backpack.  Therefore it is fun to wear.  My girls often put them on at home and “walk” each other.  (Other animals are also available- monkeys, giraffes, unicorns…) has a nice selection of these (click safety) starting at $15.  I have also seen similar items in retail stores, though selection is not as wide.

Safety Tats
Safety Tats

We’ve been using Safety Tats since since the summer of 2008.  My choice is the Quick Stick Write On as I can add any information to it.  These “tattoos” are easy to apply, last for up to 2 weeks and stay on in water.  To remove you simply pull off like a band aid.

You can also have Safety Tats custom printed with up to 2 lines of information; they are also available with allergy and health information.

I wrote a full review last summer and still agree with everything I wrote then.

temporary safety tattooA 6-pak of Quick Stick Write On Safety Tats is $9.99, an 18 pak is $19.99.  A customized 24-pak is $19.95.  There is also a really cool “tween” line; 30 tats for $19.95.

Do you have a travel safety product that goes everywhere with you? Share your must have item in the comments.

Disclosure:  I am an affiliate of both Amazon and Safety Tats.  The items I have listed I do use and recommend but clicking on one of the links may cause me to earn a tiny (tiny) bit of money.


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