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Of Kids and Waterparks

Last Updated on May 18, 2017 by Jody Halsted

Back before we had kids, my husband and I took his 11-year-old nephew on a road trip through South Dakota, Wyoming and Montana.  We saw incredible sights…  Devils Tower, Little Big Horn, Mount Rushmore, Wall Drug…  but his favorite part of the trip?  The hotel swimming pools.


Doug and I were astounded and were very sure that, when we had kids, they would look more at the destination and less at the hotel pool.

Oh, the best laid plans of childless couples….

Somehow, despite our best efforts, our girls are crazy for pools.  And it doesn’t matter how big or small they are, the girls want to be in. the. water.

Their first real taste of a really nice hotel pool was in 2009 when we visited the JW Marriott Hill County Resort and Spa.

River Bluffs Water Expereince at JW Marriott Hill County Resort, San Antonio, TX
Separated pool areas, waterslides and plenty of comfy lounges. To this day the girls ask when we can return. (click the image to read about our stay)

Not long after that, we made a quick getaway to Bloomington, Minnesota for Thanksgiving- the deals at the Waterpark of America were terrific.  

Lazy River and Wave Pool at Radisson Waterpark of America
The Waterpark of America is just across the highway from the Mall of America. (click image to read about our stay)

Of course the girls were thrilled when we were invited to return a year and a half later for Mr Bubble’s 50th birthday party.

Another year and a half passed until their next waterpark getaway- this time in Grapevine, Texas at Great Wolf Lodge.

Great Wolf Waterpark, Grapevine, TX
Since it was November, we didn’t get to experience the outdoor pool area- which doubles the size of the waterpark! (read more about our stay by clicking the photo)

Can you believe with all the traveling we do in the Midwest that my family has never visited the Wisconsin Dells?  Well, we’ll be fixing that obvious oversight with a visit to Chula Vista Resort before Labor Day so we can experience both their indoor and outdoor pools.  My heart is near to stopping as I am looking at the waterslides – which I know my eldest will just have to ride.  My idea of fun runs more to floating on an innertube in the river or maybe the water-trap laden mini-golf.  And definitely trying out the on site restaurants!

Chula Vista Resort, Wisconsin Dells, Wisconsin
Chula Vista Resort

I’m sure this getaway- though short- will being a new high to the waterpark comparison chart.  

Chula Vista Resort Ambassador

I am thrilled to be a Chula Vista Resort Ambassador.  As an ambassador I will be touring the resort to better share my honest opinions with you.  I will also be sharing special reader-only deals and giveaways, as well as participating in a panel to help make sure every family’s stay at Chula Vista leaves them with a ‘we can’t wait to return’ feeling.

You’ll be able to follow our stay at Chula Vista Resort via your favorite social media sites – Instagram, Facebook & Twitter.

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