Fun at Mr. Bubble’s 50th Birthday Bubble Bash

Last Updated on December 24, 2012 by Jody Halsted

Mr Bubble World's Largest Bubble Bath
Mr Bubble Atop the World's Largest Bubble Bath

Our day began almost painfully early- the girls were too excited to go to sleep last night which cut our normal sleep time down by… a lot.  But, honestly, I was pretty excited, too.

The girls rushed to the World’s Largest Bubble Bath.  We could see it from our room and the anticipation was almost too much!  Into the light, airy bubbles they went!

Buried in Bubbles

We got to be on the local FOX station- live!- about every half hour. Playing in bubbles, splashing in the pool and competing in a bubble beard contest!

Mr Bubble Bubble Beard
Bubble Beard

I thought I would only be on the giving end of the bubble beard, but the local FOX reporter turned the foam on me- much to the delight of my girls!

Mom Gets a Bubble Beard
Todd Walker from FOX 9 gives me a bubble beard

There were hundreds of bubbles floating along the lazy river as the Waterpark of America became “Bubble Central”.

Hundreds of Mr Bubble beach balls
Beach balls filled the lazy river

Mr Bubble caught some waves on the wave rider…

Mr Bubble surfs
Mr Bubble catching a wave

Foam was used for more that the creation of bubble beards…

Foam pit at Mr Bubble's 50th birthday party
Forget the bubble beards...

And Mr. Bubble cut his birthday cake with plenty of friends in attendance (almost 2000!).

Mr Bubble cuts his 50th birthday cake
Mr Bubble and his cake

It was a great party!

(Be sure to check back on Tuesday for your chance to win a Mr Bubble Prize Pack worth $50!)

Family Rambling would like to thank Mr Bubble for inviting us to his fab bubble bash!  Disclosure:  Our room and entry to the water park were complementary.  Images and thoughts are my own.


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