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We’ve been home from our big RV adventure for 2 weeks.  And I’m still absorbing everything we saw, the people we met and the activities we did, many of which I can honestly say I never thought we would do!

The overarching theme I’m feeling is thankful.

I’m thankful that there are such amazing sights to be seen in the US.

I’m thankful that Doug was able to take time off (from both of his jobs) to relax.

I’m thankful that we had this experience as a family.

And I’m thankful that a local company believed enough in the importance of family travel- and in Family Rambling- to support our journey.

I’m going to tell you a little secret…  Not all blogs make a ton of money.  In fact, I usually bring in enough annually to pay for my hosting and domains.  The vast majority of our travels are paid for by us.  It’s a priority we make and we do without quite a bit of the “nicer” aspects of life to do so.  With or with out this blog, my family would travel.

So why do I write this blog, spend hours each week on it, when it barely supports itself?  Because I believe in family travel.  I believe that the experiences of travel- whether locally or across the globe- help create exceptional people.  One experience can change the way you look at your own life- or the lives of others.  I want to inspire families to travel together, to explore what surrounds them- whether that takes them 10 miles or 10,000 miles.

Here in my neck of the woods (or plains), a trip can’t be made without a stop at a gas station.  And our gas station of choice has always been Kum & Go.  Long before they partnered with me on our RV adventure, we were loyal customers.  As the company has grown outside Iowa, we have been thrilled to support them as our travels allow.  And we will continue to do so.

Fueling up at Kum & Go
Fueling up at Kum & Go in Gretna, Nebraska

Every Kum & Go we visited- across Iowa, Nebraska, Wyoming, and South Dakota- was staffed with friendly people who enjoy their jobs and the company they work for.  The buildings, no matter how old or new, were clean and uncluttered and the grounds were free of litter.

The Kum & Go corporation’s core values – passion, integrity, teamwork, caring and excellence- are evident in every employee, every location.  And I’m honored that they saw enough of those characteristics in Family Rambling to partner with me and bring fun family vacation experiences to my readers.

Over the next few weeks I’ll be sharing our experiences with you- from road tripping in an RV and hiking in Yellowstone, to “camping” at a KOA and white water rafting.  I hope our experiences will inspire your next family adventure.

If you live in the Midwest- or find yourself driving through- be sure to look for a Kum & Go station and show them that you support companies that support family travel!


Disclosure:  Kum & Go provided Family Rambling with a $500 gift card to help cover fuel expenses.  The thoughts in this post are my own; I was not required to say all these nice things about Kum & Go- we would have used their gas stations even if our trip hadn’t been partially supported by them.



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  1. @iatraveler Thanks again for allowing us to be part of your trip! Sounds like your family had a GREAT time! ^MPT

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