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I’ve been on the lookout for fun little items to put in the girls’ backpacks for our upcoming trip. When I saw the Aqua Doodle Travel N” Doodle I grabbed it for Caelan.

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I really like it’s size- it measures 11″x8.75″ when closed and 11″x17.75″ when open. It’s light and the handles make this a great item to take along anywhere.

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It has two drawing mats which is nice because kids aren’t known for patience (at least mine aren’t!); one mat can be drawn on while the other dries. The Aquadoodle pen is held securely in the center by a wide elastic and the case is held closed by velcro. The no-mess water pen is ideal for even the youngest artist.

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Like all Aquadoodle products, the pen opens “backward”, which helps keep my three-year-old from accidentally opening it, and has a great seal- I have yet to experience any leaks with their products.

I recommend this item for any child old enough to hold a pen to paper. It is a water product so you don’t have to worry if they suck on the tip (which my daughter does) or write on anything else.

My three-year-old also loves this- especially the “learn to draw” diagrams on the edges. It even makes me feel like an artist.

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