Model Trains at Union Station

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Union Station in Kansas City is still an active depot for Amtrak. During the height of train travel in 1917 nearly 80,000 trains came through the station. Though you won’t see as many trains going through the station these days the heart of Union Station is still with that golden age.

One example of this is the amazing Holiday Village Train display in the main lobby. It opens the day after Thanksgiving and stays up until the Sunday after New Year.

Holiday Village Train Display Union Station Kansas City
Holiday Village Train Display Union Station Kansas City
It’s really quite an incredible display. There were at least 7 full trains (including the Polar Express) and a handful of trolleys rolling on the miles of track. It’s truly astounding.

It takes a couple of months to get this display built and running so if you visit in the months of September and October you may see just what goes into the creation of such a huge display.

Not visiting during the holiday season? Not to worry. Hidden off the side of the North Waiting Room is the Kansas City Lionel Club’s model train display. This display is staffed by the members of the club, so it may be “hit or miss” on the display being open. Though the set up is permanent the trains running are brought in by the members. And they are happy to answer questions. If you’re really good they may even let you blow the whistle!

Kansas City Lionel Club train display

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  1. Enjoyed the train display 2 yrs ago but now I am unable to find date and times to visit.

    When can we visit???


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