Do You Know Your Planes? A Frommer’s Slide Show

Last Updated on June 24, 2013 by Jody Halsted

I thought this slideshow from Frommer’s was really interesting.  Where I live the plane I am aboard most often is pictured below.  Though small ( 3 seats across in a 1:2 pattern) it was not the worst- in fact Frommer’s looked favorably on the seating placement stating that singles could sit alone, couples could sit together and families could group together.

 Embraer American Eagle

Can you tell your 737 from a 757? There’s a good reason to keep an eye on your aircraft’s model number. While they’re all pretty much equally safe and every airline makes its own choice of interiors, airplanes vary in age and comfort.Take a look at these 10 popular plane models to find out which to seek out — and which to avoid on your next flight.

via Know Your Planes: What to Fly, What to Avoid Slideshow at Frommer’s.

My home airport doesn’t offer much airline selection, so choosing an aircraft isn’t something I think about?  Is the aircraft something you pay attention to when you choose to fly?

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