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Hotel Majestic in St Louis

Last Updated on February 20, 2018 by Jody Halsted

Family Friendliness in a Boutique Setting

Situated in the heart of St Louis, the Hotel Majestic is a St. Louis landmark.  With 91 rooms and 42 associates you’ll receive unparalleled personal service in a beautiful boutique environment.

An Upscale Hotel for the Discriminating Guest

The minute you walk through the front doors you know the Hotel Majestic will provide a hotel experience unlike most.  My first inclination of this was when I entered, travel weary and toting a feverish 4 year old.  I was welcomed by John, who greeted me by name and handed me our room keys saying, “Everything is ready for you, Mrs. Halsted.  If anything needs to be signed we can take care of it in the morning.”  More welcome words I have never heard upon hotel check in.  John then went to help my husband with the bags and told him I had already gone up to the room.

It wasn’t until the next morning when I went down to the lobby that I noticed just how beautiful it was- or that the front desk was not what you’re used to.

Lobby at the Omni Majestic

The spacious, sunlit lobby holds an air of upscale elegance that, instead of feeling reserved, is inviting.  The front desk is a single desk, topped with a computer and phone.  Behind it sits an armoire, containing key cards, a printer and other necessary tools.  The feeling was like walking into a very large bed and breakfast, not a hotel.

Despite it’s boutique splendor there are no pretenses at the Hotel Majestic.  Every guest, famous or not, young or old, is treated as a welcomed guest- who is soon to be a friend.  With a ratio of two rooms to one employee you will come to know many employees by name in just a couple of days time- and they will know you, as well.

Rooms at the Hotel Majestic

Our arrival was just before that of the Blizzaster 2011– a snow and ice storm that disabled half the states in the US.  Due to the storm we became stranded in St. Louis.  (Stranded may be too harsh a word- we were at the only boutique hotel in downtown St. Louis- there are much worse places to be stuck!) Our lovely deluxe room had two comfortable beds, a spacious bath and a sitting area.  But I had two daughters- ages 4 and 6 at that time- and that room, while not tiny, was not going to work for a family stuck indoors all day.  I also knew that my husband and I hoped to get some work done during our downtime.

With this knowledge- and knowing the city itself would shut down if weather predictions were accurate (they were and it did)– I approached the hotel manager early the next morning to request a larger room and, possibly, a reduced rate due to the weather.  Martin Pittman, the Majestic’s General Manager, was sympathetic – having small children of his own- and understanding.  After a quick check with the front desk he led me to one of three suites in the hotel.

The Ambassador Suite is a two room haven, perfect for a family.  The bedroom has a sitting area, work desk and a king size bed that cradles you in comfort.  It is separated from the living area by French doors (bonus!).  The living area is very spacious and has a tv armoire, couch (which folds out to a bed), coffee table, side table and chairs.  Two bathrooms, one with a deep jacuzzi tub, and spacious closets make this room practically perfect in every way.

Living area in the Ambassador Suite, Omni Majestic, St. Louis

King bed in the Ambassador Suite, Omni Majestic, St. Louis

The girls played and watched tv, Doug and I did some work, and peace reigned indoors while snow and ice coated the city. A service we sincerely appreciated- and I didn’t see it listed anywhere- was the valet starting our van daily to thaw the accumulated ice from it.  It was such a little thing, really, but it made an impression on my husband and I.

Note: When we stayed at this hotel it was an Omni property. The article has been edited for changes since the hotel changed ownership.

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