Is Stitch Fix a Good Option for Casual Travel Clothes?

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Have you always wished for a personal stylist? Someone who would pick out just the right clothes for an upcoming event and all you had to do was try them on and say yes or no? Then Stitch Fix may be just what you are looking for. Best compared to a personal stylist who makes house calls, Stitch Fix stylists choose clothes for you based on a detailed style profile as well as a focus for your fix.

My most recent ‘fix’, my fourth, I requested a focus on casual clothes- the kind I could wear camping and hiking. (To see my first-third ‘fixes’, and learn how to use Stitch Fix, read my Stitch Fix post at Des Moines Moms Blog.)

Stitch Fix for casual travel clothes

Should You Use Stitch Fix for Casual Travel Clothes?

What makes Stitch Fix so nice is that you can try on the clothes at home, pairing them with what you already own. You then can keep what you like and send back (in the included, prepaid package), what you don’t like.  I chose a clothing budget of $50-100 per piece (though you can choose a lower price point), and every piece fell into that category.

Here is what I received:

Stitch Fix for Casual Travel Clothes
4 tops and a pair of jeans. Love the colors! So far so good!

Casual Clothes from Stitch Fix

Loveapella Gracelyn Back Twist Knit TopI love everything about this top. The green color is perfect, and the fabric was soft and flow-ey. I really like that it appears to be a simple T, but the back has the little keyhole and twist. The $58 price tag was within my price range. This top was an easy ‘keep’.

Three Dots Gwendolen V-back knit shirt and Kensie Sophia Distresses Skinny JeanTwo items here: the jeans and the fuchsia top. The top was another easy ‘keep’. I love the color, the sleeve length, the angled bias-cut seams, and the surprise v-neck in the back. The jeans, too, were great. The rise wasn’t too low, nor did it reach my belly button. Though the length was a tad long, it wasn’t enough to bother me (and, at 5’4″, a problem I’m used to). ‘Keep’. The top was $58 and the jeans $88.

Pomelo Wrenn V-Neck Jersey Top

Another fun top. Again, a great color, and I really liked that it wasn’t a typical v-neck. And jersey knit- love it! This was the least expensive item in my ‘fix’ at $44. An easy ‘keep’.

Three Dots Shayla Twist Detail Knit TankOh, how I adore this tank. From the neckline which isn’t too low to the twist detail at the hip, this top was a win all the way through. But it was put in the return pile at first. Why? The price tag of $94. There was no way I could pay $94 for a tank top! But…  I did end up keeping it.

Why I Own a $94 Tank Top

Stitch Fix offers a discount if you purchase all the items in your ‘fix’. Your styling fee of $20 is refunded if you purchase any items. And I also had a referral credit. The credits, together, added up to $105.50. So I would have paid more if I would have sent the tank top back.

So…  Should You Use Stitch Fix for Casual Travel Clothes?

Yes…  and No.

Yes if your casual travel involves a cruise, or an all-inclusive resort. The items I received would all be perfect for a relaxing vacation without a lot of rigorous activity.

No if your casual travel involves a lot of outdoor activity where you will get dirty, sweat, or possibly damage your clothes. There is no way I would wear any of these pieces camping, ziplining, or bicycling.

You might be wondering why I kept any of the clothing since it didn’t work for what I requested. The simple answer is that these pieces work for the rest of my life. The day-to-day life at home, the client meetings, and the occasional conference.

Use this link to try Stitch Fix

Disclosure: was not paid for this review, nor was I given any incentive to share my experience with Stitch Fix. That said, links to Stitch Fix are referral links, and if you sign up I will receive a referral credit toward my next “fix”, which is set to come in late July – as I prepare for a travel conference.





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  1. Those ARE great pieces. While I would LOVE Stitch Fix do do more sporty clothing or sportswear for the outdoors, that’s definitely not their thing. The pieces I’ve gotten are definitely on the dressy side — to some, they might be “casual,” but since I wear yoga pants daily (to work in my home office and to the grocery store), the pieces I’ve gotten from Stitch Fix have definitely been a step up in terms of sophistication!

    Someone should start a monthly shipment of exercise clothing. I’d sign up for that!

    1. I agree, Kara! I wear far too many yoga pants. But I have noticed recently that when I did need to actually put on nicer clothes, my selection was woefully small (and old). So this definitely provided pieces I needed.

      My next fix will be before TMS- and then possibly another before Type A. But, for daily, it’s definitely dressier than I normally am!

  2. I especially love the jeans and the black tank! Looks like your stylist did a great job. Thanks for sharing your review! I’m considering trying a second fix with a focus on shorts and/or capris. Just haven’t convinced myself to pull the trigger yet because the prices in my first fix were a little high for my typical clothing budget. For bottoms, though, I’d pay more for the right fit. Definitely.

    1. Thanks Angela! Just ask them to focus on what you want.

      It took me a while to get my mind around spending more on clothes. My rule – if it’s trendy & will be ‘out of style’ in a year, I buy cheap. If it’s something that I will be able to wear for a few years, I spend more for the quality.

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