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Summer Camp Packing Tips

Last Updated on August 6, 2021 by Jody Halsted

I’ve always considered myself rather an expert packer. Packing for a trip is like a puzzle – and I love making all the pieces fit.

So when my eldest went away to camp last year I packed her bags with precision, making sure she wouldn’t take up too much space in the cabin while being sure she would have everything necessary for her week away.

Upon my return to pick her up, I found this…

YIKES! Summer camp packing tips to avoid this mess! #31travel #31uses

It’s rather obvious my daughter doesn’t share my organizational skills…

So this year I took on a new tactic : open-top totes that she could toss dirty clothing into + pockets to keep small items easily accessible.

After she gathered together everything on her list we got to work.

Summer Camp Packing list - summer camp packing tips
Everything necessary for a week at Ranch Camp

Jeans and shorts were separated and folded tightly. Then shirts were rolled with socks inside.

summer camp packing tips - roll socks/ underwear inside shirts

Everything was packed in a Thirty-one Large Utility Tote – jeans on one end, shorts on the other, rolled shirts in the center. Everything easily accessible, easy to grab, and no digging for clothes!

summer camp packing tips #31travel #31uses

Shoes, towels, toiletries, sleeping bag, and other items were place in a larger Deluxe Utility Tote.

summer camp packing tips #31travel #31uses
summer camp packing tips #31travel #31uses
Packed & ready for camp!

Arriving at camp we took out the sleeping bag, made the bed, and slid the bags under her bunk.

summer camp packing tips #31travel #31uses
Happy to be back at camp!

As her clothes are worn she can easily toss them into the larger, now (mostly) empty tote. Since there is nothing to open it should be easy to do (I hope). And we will pack her sleeping bag & toiletries into the smaller tote for the return home.

And, hopefully, we won’t come home with other campers’ underwear this year.


So… you may be wondering how well this plan of attack worked. Here’s what I found when I entered the cabin while my daughter was with the horses:

Summer camp packing tips: open top totes work! No summer camp sloppiness! #31travel #31uses

Everything in totes- and no scattered mess! I say this packing strategy is a success!

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summer camp packing tips to outsmart the sloppiness

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  1. I like people who knows how to pack their stuff. I am still learning how to be a smart packer, but improving my skills slowly slowly. Thanks for the packing tips:)

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