Fall Getaway Spotlight: The Mohicans | Exploring the Midwest Podcast Episode 30

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This month on the podcast we are preparing for the most colorful time of the year – and the places to visit to make the most of prime ‘leaf peeping’.

I’m beyond excited to take you to central Ohio where you can glamp in a luxury treehouse and enjoy the fall colors.

Laura and Kevin Mooney are the owners of The Mohicans Treehouse Resort and Wedding Venue in Glenmont, Ohio.

Story Behind The Mohicans Treehouses

Kevin started out building three little cabins to take advantage of the tourism in the area and was also working on a wedding venue. One of his neighbors introduced him to a book by treehouse master Pete Nelson and Kevin, in an a-ha moment, thought this could work for his business. So he read the book, took a class on how to build a treehouse, and then did just that.

“We built a treehouse — and nobody came,” says Kevin. “I’d call my family and friends and they’d say, ‘You want me to sleep in a treehouse? I need a bed!’ And I’d say, “The bed’s there, the bed’s there!’ It was frustrating the first year.”

But then in a turn of events, Pete Nelson himself called and asked Kevin if he wanted to build a treehouse for the Animal Planet series “Treehouse Masters.” “At that time, I would’ve been happy to build a treehouse on college radio, so to get that platform was fantastic,” says Kevin. After the show aired and people saw what the treehouse really was, the floodgates opened, and people started booking. They’ve been fairly steady ever since.

Little Red Treehouse

Treehouses at The Mohicans

Currently, the Mooneys have 10 treehouses available to rent. Each treehouse is different. The Little Red Treehouse, which sleeps up to two guests, was the his first and the one featured on “Treehouse Masters.”

El Castillo Treehouse, designed like a castle, is the most popular according to Kevin. It features a loft bedroom with a California king-size bed along with a Murphy hideaway queen bed on the main floor, making it perfect for up to four guests. “It has a winding Black Walnut staircase and two balconies off the back of the treehouse.”

El Castillo treehouse

Another popular treehouse is the Silver Bullet Treehouse, also known as the Airstream Treehouse, because it is actually an Airstream camper renovated into a luxurious treehouse with an added-on bathroom with a walk-in shower and steam room.

The Mohicans Treehouse Experience

All of the treehouse rentals at The Mohicans Treehouse Resort are built with luxury in mind while still being cozy treehouse cabins.

Since they are in Amish country, the Mooneys use Amish builders who offer the highest quality craftsmanship. “We’re not skimping on anything,” says Kevin. From the high-quality beds to marble countertops to high-end furnishings and decor, the experience is rustic-meets-luxury. Kevin says each new one he builds becomes his favorite.

The View Treehouse

Despite the modern conveniences and amenities (each treehouse has running water, electricity, heat and A/C), guests are still getting “back to nature.” Outdoor showers are available during warm weather, and guests can enjoy the trees and sounds of nature while sitting around the fire pit.

The views from the 30-foot-high treehouses are incredible and make you feel like you are one with nature. “When I started the first treehouse, my son and I talked about the vision for the place, and his vision and my vision were the same–we want people to touch the earth. We want them to somehow try to find a connection to Mother Nature,” says Kevin. He also enjoys seeing families reconnect as they disconnect from technology.

Read about our stay in The View treehouse at The Mohicans

Outdoor Experiences in Central Ohio

A treehouse comes to mind as a prime ‘leaf peeping’ spot because you are truly ‘in the trees’. But getting out of the treehouse offers more wonderful fall experiences.

Covered bridge at Mohicans State Park
  • Mohican State Park is only 15 minutes away from the treehouses. Don’t miss the Gorge Overlook, fire tower or covered bridge.
  • Autumn is a prime season because of the gorgeous colors created when the leaves turn. The area is known as one of the most beautiful places to go to see fall foliage.
  • Central Ohio is also Amish country. Shop Amish-made goods (and goodies) or dine in for an Amish-style meal. Or, simply, just drive the backroads and see the horse and buggies and homes with no electricity running to them. “I swear every time I get off the highway and drive in the country, my blood pressure drops,” says Kevin.
  • Find all sorts of activities and things to do at discovermohican.com.

Booking a Stay at The Mohicians Treehouse Resort

With The Mohicans Wedding Venue as part of the resort, many of the treehouses are rented by wedding parties, so be prepared to rent a treehouse far in advance or on a non-peak wedding day or month.

Visit the website at themohicans.net to book a room. Click on “Treehouses” and see last-minute booking options and you may get lucky if you’re looking for an upcoming date.

Stay up-to-date on upcoming events and news and check out amazing photos on their Facebook and Instagram pages. Contact The Mohicans via their website with any questions.

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