On Traveling without Using Credit

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To wrap up 2012, I wanted to share my 10 most popular posts of the year.  Today we begin with #10, a post I wrote after visiting Financial Peace Plaza in Nashville, Tennessee.

Originally written on March 2, 2011, this article covers some of financial guru Dave Ramsey’s Advice on traveling without a credit card.

with Martha Thompson at Financial Peace Plaza
Caelan with Martha Thompson at Financial Peace Plaza

In this post I talk a little bit about what it’s like to visit Financial Peace Plaza, watch Dave do his popular radio show live and meet one of my favorite people in the world, Martha Thompson.

I also share tips for using debit cards on vacation.  These are tips my family follows, which has made our vacations so much nicer as the debt doesn’t follow us home!

I get many (many) questions asking about how we afford to travel as often as we do.  And while I do get some really good deals, I am not handed much free travel.  The way we afford it is to make it a priority and pay cash.  It can be a hard lesson to learn- and a difficult one when you are really, really wanting a getaway.

How Do You Travel Without a Credit Card?

Despite what people will tell you, it can be done.  We do it.  To begin with- you must have money.  No money, no trip.  Harsh, but simple.  Yes, the rental car company and hotels will probably put a “hold” on your debit card to make sure sufficient funds are available.  Which goes back to …  you must have money.  Don’t let your vacation follow you home!

Read more of the popular article Financial Peace & Travel: Dave Ramsey’s Advice….

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