Great Travel Gadget: The Droid Razr & Lapdock

Last Updated on January 24, 2012 by Jody Halsted

The past few weeks have been busy and I’ve been working from wherever I can- my daughter’s preschool, the gym, various coffeehouses and even sitting in the car in a parking lot.  Sometimes it just doesn’t make sense, time-wise, for me to return home before I have to be somewhere else. Because not everything can be done from my tablet (sad but true) I was thrilled when Verizon Wireless sent me a shiny toy to play with:  the Droid RAZR and Moto Lapdock 100.

Droid RAZR and Lapdock
Lapdock and Droid RAZR

The Droid RAZR

I’m a fan of Motorola Android phones (I still adore my DroidX) so getting my hands on this sleek model was a joy.  I love the 4.3″ screen- so crystal clear and big!  The 8MP camera took great photos and with 4G coverage I could shoot short movies an upload them instantly.  Loaded with my most used apps- Tweetdeck, Facebook, Spotify and Cozi- I was set.

Though I didn’t play with the MotoCast feature, it looks really nice.  You can sync your phone and computer, wirelessly.  A terrific option if you don’t want things hanging out “in the cloud” somewhere.

The Moto Lapdock 100

Moto Lapdock and DroidRAZR
RAZR connected to the lapdock

The Moto Lapdock looks and feels like a netbook.  It has a comfortable keyboard and a crisp screen.  But if it’s not connected to a compatible phone it won’t even turn on.  Once it’s connected, however, it’s like your phone has been amped.

Moto Lapdock attached to phone
Moto Lapdock powered by phone

Once the phone is connected and the lapdock turned on you have access to your phone’s screen and all it’s apps.  Which gives you tons of power- anything you can do on your phone is made just a bit easier with the keyboard.  I edited images, checked and replied to email, wrote articles, and utilized apps and their full feature website counterparts- simultaneously...

Dual Windows on the Moto Lapdock
Dual Windows on the Moto Lapdock

Look at the bottom of the screen, on the right.  Firefox.  So not only did I have all my droid abilities, I also had full internet capabilities.  Which was great because there are still some sites out there that just don’t work on a mobile device.

Using the Droid RAZR/ Labdock Combo

If you travel or find yourself trying to work remotely, this is a combo worth checking out.  The lapdock will cost less than a comparable netbook and provide all the features you should need due to the large Android app library.  The lapdock has its own internal battery which lasted more than 4 hours when I used it.  If the phone and lapbock are both fully charged you should get at least 8 hours of run time.  When the phone is connected to the lapdock, it will use the lapdock battery before its own, which means your phone should remain charged for solo use.

Another feature I really appreciated was that the phone would let me know if there was a wifi connection within range.  Great if you don’t have an unlimited data plan!

The only downfall I found when using this was due to my husband.  He would use the combo and leave the phone attached to the lapdock when he was finished,then plug in the lapdock to charge, there by charging the phone, as well.  While it does, technically, charge the phone, I didn’t think it charged the phone fully, so for full charge I recommend putting the phone on its own charger.

Overall I really liked this product and think it is a great option if your phone is your life but you still need the versatility of a laptop.

Disclosure: I have been a Verizon customer for over 5 years (as an AT&T customer previously I have personally found that their coverage doesn’t work many places my family ventures) and have been happy with their extensive coverage areas and products. The products I am talking about today were loaned to me by Verizon Wireless. I did not receive cash or product compensation for this post.

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    1. @Carole_Baker I’m not a Mac girl…But really like Razr/Lapdock combo because it is so much smaller and lighter. Full laptop+ car= crowded

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