My First #50_before50 WINS!

When it comes to goal setting we need to add in a few easy WINS to stay motivated and keep moving forward.

I thought I had that with Goal 37, a family getaway over Christmas break. Unfortunately my easy win turned to a fail with one distracted driver.

Thankfully I had two WINS come pretty quickly to keep me from getting discouraged.

Two #50_before50 WINS

My first WIN actually happened the same day as my FAIL. Of course the emergency of the FAIL completely overshadowed the WIN, which happened earlier in the day.

Goal #44 – Sell out A Celtic Experience 2020 completed 12/19/2019!

This goal was one I wasn’t sure if I would complete- and I certainly didn’t expect it to happen so quickly. My first guided tour of Ireland took place in September 2019. It, unfortunately, didn’t sell out and, as with many new business ventures, lost money.

So to decide to host a second tour in 2020 was a leap of faith. I began marketing the tour 11 months in advance (as opposed to 9 months for the previous tour), and the first 4 seats filled quickly. That the remaining 5 filled within the next 6 weeks took me by (happy) surprise.

WIN bonus: In talking with my driver guide partner I found that upgrading to a 13 seat bus would be possible and would not inhibit the itinerary, so I have added 3 more seats. If those sell it’s terrific. But if they don’t my initial goal of filling a 10 seat bus has been accomplished.

Have you been dreaming of Ireland?
Check out the itinerary for A Celtic Experience!

Goal #10 – Debt Step 1 completed January 3, 2020

When I added up our debt I was completely overwhelmed and definitely embarrassed. It’s absolutely amazing how easy it is to get into a staggering amount of debt- and how long it takes to dig yourself out.

As of January 3 we are officially $4650.03 closer to being out of debt as one credit card was paid off!

The scariest part of that number is that it was our smallest debt. The numbers will only get larger from here.

Hard work & baby steps. Onward!!

Thanks so much for celebrating these wins with me! Are you working toward a goal and want to celebrate a WIN?
Leave a comment below so I can celebrate with you!

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