January Goal Report #50_before50

Last Updated on February 4, 2020 by Jody Halsted

The funny memes going around lamented that January was a tough year LOL but for me the month seemed to fly by.

Between work, transporting my kids to endless activities – I can not wait until my eldest can drive! – and travel, the days were a whirlwind!

The end of the month is a good time to review goals, see what is going well, what isn’t, and make any adjustments.

#50_before50 Goal Review - January

January #50_before50 Goal Report

Of my 50 goals I have 7 to actually report on. A couple are good, a couple have been altered, and one may end up being a miss.

Need a reminder of all my goals? See them here!

Goal #1 Lose 50 lbs
January report : 1 lb lost
I began January at 192 lbs. During the month I got down to 189. But a week in Dublin (for work) at the end of the month brought me back up to 191.

Goal #9 Pay off Debt
January report : 1 credit card paid off and two debts altered.
On January 3 we paid off our smallest debt (Goal #10)- $4650.03 credit card debt.
Nearing the end of the month we had the opportunity to convert two of our largest debts (goals 15 & 16) into a low interest HELOC. While it doesn’t count as paying off the debt, the huge decrease in interest will be a significant savings in the long term.

Goal #17 Bike Across the State of Iowa
No, this hasn’t been completed, but I did register for Iowa’s Ride so I am one step closer to making this goal a reality!

Goal #24 Income Goal for January
I am thrilled that I met my income goal for January. The first months of the year can be difficult as some of the income earned is actually paid from previous months- and the end of the year is the slowest time for my business.

Goal #33 Partnership with Austin Adventures
I had high hopes for this goal as early emails showed high interest. And while there is still interest most emails from the company are apologies; an employee left without notice, the office is unusually busy… This still may happen but right now my time is better spent chasing stronger opportunities.

So there you have it. Some decent accomplishment in January.

In February I will be focusing on weight loss and beginning an exercise regime so I am ready to hop on a bike (hopefully as early as late March if the groundhog is right!).

I also plan to complete goal #28- getting my book onto Kindle. It has to be rewritten and formatted, which will take quite a bit of time. And since this month is short I should get busy!!

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