Morning Musings: Cats and Happiness

Last Updated on December 2, 2015 by Jody Halsted

on cats and happinessStill reading the book I told you about yesterday by Peggy Noonan.

And I read this bit last night that stuck with me, begging to be shared this morning.

This was quoted in the book and shares a bit of a phone call she received after publishing an article about how hard we work to find happiness:

“This is a famous quote from someone, I forget who, and this is what you mean. ‘Happiness is a cat. Chase it and it will elude you, it will hide. But sit and peacefully do your work, live your life and show it your love and it will silently come to you and curl itself upon your feet.’ “

Oh, how I love the visual this gives!

How often do we chase after what we think will make us happy, only to have happiness stay just out of arms reach.

My youngest, pictured above with the cat she rescued nearly 2 years ago, is often frustrated by the fact that Goldie doesn’t want to cuddle with her, but will come to me while I am sitting quietly in a chair, place herself on top of my book, and purr like a finely tuned Mustang.

Like the cat that settles on your lap (often when you don’t want it there) happiness won’t be forced. It comes to you, if you will only stop chasing it.

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  1. Puuurrrfect! 😉 But really, did enjoy reading this today, and probably a good reason why pets are recommended for therapy, they make you sit and be still!

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