The One Where Things Start to Look Better #50_before50

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You may have noticed that I completely skipped a May #50_before50 goals report.

I did begin one. But the month just had a virtual black cloud hanging heavy over it. The relentless COVID coverage was only the beginning. The senseless murder of George Floyd in Minneapolis which sparked protests and riots only added to the unease and frustration.

And then there was my own storm. If you remember my April #50_before50 goals report, it wasn’t great. I had to reevaluate everything I had planned for this year. And many of my dreams and plans were wiped away. Almost as if they had been a figment of my imagination.

But those goals were real. They were committed to. And they were out in the world. I was accountable for them.

And many had to be counted as failure.

That was hard. Actually harder on me than I imagined.

In May I began to struggle mentally.

I was watching the business I had nurtured and grown for 8 years wither away; no actions I could take would change its course.

I was working full time at a part time job, which left very little time for anything else anyway.

And I barely saw my family.

I had plans for the month. None of which were even attempted.

And as I ended the month I looked back on what I had hoped to do and everything that had not been accomplished and had only one thought…

May #50_before50 goal

And I wrote it off, vowing June would be better.

And it was!!!

June review #50_before50

June #50_before50 Goal Report

You can already tell it was a good month just from the image above, yes?

Progress on my ‘Big 3’ Goals in June

Goal #1 Lose 50 lbs
June report: I lost 5.5 pounds!! This was completely the result of a 14 day reset cleanse. You can see more about this win here.

The best part about that win is that it not only completed goal #2 (lose 10 lbs) but it also included a 4 day vacation when I didn’t focus on my food intake.

In July I plan to continue with a regimented food plan most days and allowing myself one ‘earned’ day of no rules.

Goal #9 Pay Off Debt
June report: Continuing to meet payments but no extra income means nothing is being paid off

Goal #27 Add another website to Mediavine
June report: This month Mediavine doubled the requirements for joining their ad network and removed the grace which allowed multiple site owners to add additional sites at reduced sessions. This, unfortunately, makes it almost impossible for me to reach the threshold for adding this website in 2020.

While it’s not a fail yet, it is likely to become one.

Notes on Other Goals

Goal #28 My Book to Kindle and in Print
My book, Planning the Ireland Vacation of Your Dreams, became available on Kindle February 27. And I had plans for it to be available in print soon after. But with Ireland travel demolished by COVID that was put off.

I’m thrilled to say that my book is being formatted for print now and should be available by the end of the month!!!

Goal #45 New Celtic Experience Tour for June 2021
In the last week it was officially decided that my September 2020 tour of Ireland would have to be postponed. This will now take place in June 2021.

So now I have to decide if I will lead 2 tours in June or if my new tour will also be in June or if it will move to August.

Goal #46 Monthly Genealogy
The Genealogical Library is still closed so I haven’t done anything but look at hints sends to me…

Goal #49 Learn to Use My Camera Better
Newly added! I collect tips from both my camera manufacturer (Olympus) as well as photography newsletters in a Pinterest board called To Improve My Photography Skills (where said tips have been languishing far too long!).

I will use one tip weekly and practice it daily to improve the use of my camera. I will make note in the comments of the date I begin using this tip as well as my progress.

My Favorite Thing in June : Nabee Socks

Nabee Socks

By now you know that I am working a part time job to replace some of the income I lost due to COVID. This job is quite physical and keeps me on my feet approximately 8 hours a day when I work.

After a few hours of work (less if I was working multiple days in a row) my feet were in agony. Not even my well cushioned arch supporting shoes were helping.

I would come home, elevate my feet, and avoid standing because my feet hurt so much!

When Nabee Socks reached out to me in May about trying their compression socks for travel I nearly refused. Because travel wasn’t happening! But I did a little research and saw that nurses- who are on their feet all day- swear by compression socks to keep their feet and legs from becoming exhausted during long shifts.

I figured it couldn’t hurt, so I accepted the offer.

To say that the socks were life changing might be overstating my reaction after the first time I wore them – but not by much!

For the first time my feet weren’t absolutely aching after finishing an 8 hours shift spent walking. My legs didn’t feel tired. And my ankles weren’t swollen.

It was work-life changing!

Because I had never owned a pair of compression socks before I wanted to see how another pair felt. So I purchased some at a pharmacy for comparison.

While to second pair of socks worked, they just didn’t compare to the Nabee socks in comfort or style. Nabee socks have a seamless toe and heel cushion, while the socks I purchased have an almost ‘bubble’ toe of different fabric, and no extra heel padding. Nabee socks also have extra arch support, which the other socks did not have.

Another bonus? Nabee socks come in fun colors and designs! While my socks for work may be boring black due to dress code I am purchasing a few fun pairs for travel. Or maybe I’ll wear these to work and see if anyone notices.

Fun Compression Socks

Looking Forward into July

I haven’t been on my bike in months. Weather and depression are to blame. The irony being that I could have battled the depression better had I gotten out on my bike! So I’ll be hopping back in the saddle and enjoying nearby trails.

I am beyond excited to head to Door County, Wisconsin for a relaxing camping vacation (goal #41). We will be following all requirements for distancing and can’t wait to enjoy the natural beauty of the area.

Do you have plans for July? Please share in the comments!

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