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Last Updated on August 13, 2020 by Jody Halsted

All things considered, July was a fairly quiet month.

Well, except for the days around Independence Day. Those were noisy! Fireworks sales in my area were high and plenty of people had their own celebrations as everything in the area was cancelled.

I had a couple of wins, added my final #50_before50 goal to the list, and even got back on my bike in July!

July review #50_before50

July #50_before50 Goal Report

I chose the phrase ‘steady on’ this month because that was how I felt when the month ended. It was steady. No huge wins, but nothing that set me back. It was steady. And I am ok with that.

Progress on my ‘Big 3’ Goals in July

Goal #1 Lose 50 lbs
July report: I lost 1 pound.

I am ok with this for 2 reasons.
1) I took a week-long vacation in July – and ate quite a bit of very good food. I was also quite active during that vacation and only gained 2 lbs while we were gone.
2) I am seeing more definition in my body shape. My curves are more defined so I know I am still making progress though the scale isn’t moving much.

Goal #9 Pay Off Debt
July report: Continuing to meet payments but no additional income to over pay or pay off debts.

Goal #27 Add 3rd Website to Mediavine
With the changes in requirements to join Mediavine this goal is unlikely to be achieved this year.

I am unsure what goal to replace this with… What is left? Ah, maybe I will replace it with newly added goal #50!

Notes on Other Goals

Goals 20-23 Complete longer bike rides
I got back onto my bike in July, completing 10 and 20 mile rides. I have 4 cycling goals I want to hit before fall ends: 30, 50, 75, and 100 miles.

Goal #28 My Book in Print
In mid July my book, Planning the Ireland Vacation of Your Dreams, was formatted and became available in print! I made the *small* mistake of printing it only in black & white, so the photos didn’t look very good. Doh! It has been resubmitted in full color and will be available for purchase in just a couple days!!

Goal #49 Learn to Use My Camera Better
I signed up for 31 Days to Becoming a Better Photographer, a course through Digital Photography School. I am taking it slowly but am learning a lot. Hopeful for better photos in the future!


Goal #50 Plan Birthday Getaway
Many of my #50_before50 goals were focused on travel. And most of them have been or will be marked as FAIL due to COVID. But I am determined to accomplish one more US based trip just before my birthday. Planning is undrway!

My Favorite Thing in July : Instant Vortex Plus

A couple months ago I borrowed my sister’s air fryer. I had managed to avoid the initial popularity of the machines but wanted to give it a try.

And… my family loved it. So I went in search for the perfect device for us. I didn’t really want one that was also a ‘pressure cooker/ Insta Pot’ but I did want one that was more than just an air fryer.

After quite a bit of research I chose the Instant Vortex Plus 7-in-1. This handy block of a machine is an air fryer, toaster oven, and rotisserie oven. Its 7 programs can air fry, rotisserie, roast, broil, bake, reheat, and dehydrate.

I admit to using the air fry setting most often. I’ve made juicy chicken breast, perfectly fried bacon wrapped turkey tenderloins and chicken grillers, roasted potatoes so they are crispy outside and fluffy inside, and even hard boiled eggs. And bacon! Oh my gosh! Bacon is so quick and easy in this!!

The reheat setting is fabulous. It’s perfect for those foods that tend to go soggy when reheated in a microwave… tacos and enchiladas, burgers and fries, even barbeque comes out tasting fresh from the pit.

We have some apples from our newest tree that we plan to dehydrate soon, and I can’t wait to skewer a chicken or tenderloin.

The 10 quart size is large, and this behemoth lives on my kitchen counter. But we use it nearly daily, so putting it elsewhere just doesn’t make any sense.

If you’re considering an air fryer or a multi-purpose kitchen appliance I highly recommend the Instant Vortex Plus 7 in 1. I think I’ve only turned my oven on once since we got it!

Looking Forward to August

We received word that school will be back in session at the end of the month using a hybrid plan. We should find out soon what that will look like.

I am also hoping my nerlyy-16-year-old can get her school permit. This will cut down on the morning drop-offs and pick-ups for marching band and other activities. High schoolers are so busy!

My Celtic Experience tour was scheduled for the end of the month but that has been postponed to June 2021. So no travel currently planned. New dates have recently been announced and there are still a few seats available! Take a look at the tour! I would love to have you join me in Ireland!

What are you looking forward to in August? Tell me in the comments!

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