RV Rental Tips for Your Family Vacation

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Class C RV from Road Trip RV Adventures
Class C RV we rented from Road Trip RV Adventures

It’s easier than ever to take an epic family road trip in an RV! National and local rental companies abound. You can even rent an RV from a private owner in your area.

But before you go, it’s important to separate RV fact from fiction. Before we purchased our RV, we rented one for a local company where I picked up a few handy RV rental tips that may help you decide on the perfect RV for your family’s vacation.

Fact & Fiction: Renting an RV for Your Family Vacation

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RV Fiction: An RV is a cheap vacation. Unless you are trading flights for the RV experience, you are unlikely to save money. There are quite a few costs to take into consideration: the RV rental cost (usually per day), the cost per mile driven, insurance cost, and fuel costs – those gas tanks are huge!

RV Fact: RV rental costs vary, so do your homework! Do your homework and know your options when renting an RV. From nationwide rental companies like CruiseAmerica, to local companies and private motorhome rentals, there are plenty of choices, all with variables from costs to included amenities.

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  1. We just bought our first Rv to continue road tripping with our 4 kids. Was great to read your article on what to expect on our first trip in it. Going to be a lot different then traveling cross country in our SUV.

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