Fresh Produce has Comfortable, Fun Travel Clothing for Women

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As much as I love to travel I have a difficult time choosing what to wear while we’re traveling.  I love to be comfortable, but I dislike feeling sloppy.  I’m not a fan of t-shirts and I really dislike wearing tennis shoes unless I’m exercising.  I also want clothes that can work for strolling through a city, playing in the park or, with a change of shoes and accessories, a nice evening out.  Did I mention I don’t want to take more than one carry-on size suitcase?  Yeah, I can be difficult to please when it comes to clothing.

Fresh Produce Clothing for Travel

I recently had the opportunity to try a couple outfits from Fresh Produce, a casual and resort wear line of clothing.  As I browsed their website I was attracted to the bright colors and the “breezy-ness” of the clothes.  The dresses look relaxed but still feminine, the summer capris and pants appear comfortable but not frumpy, and the tops are fun.

I had the opportunity to choose a couple of outfits from their catalog to wear and review.  Choosing from the colorful dresses proved to be a bit more difficult than I had anticipated.  I chose the Bali Cafe Wrap Dress for a couple of reasons.  Wrap dresses always flatter, no matter your shape.  I also liked that the dress is a faux-wrap- no embarrassing moments of the wrap blowing apart and showing a bit more than you want to flaunt.  Finally, it won’t wrinkle; a quick shake and it’s ready to go.

Fresh Produce Bali Cafe Wrap Dress
Fresh Produce Bali Cafe Wrap Dress in Tropical Punch

This dress went from PR meeting to ice cream parlor opening to carnival to outdoor concert.  It was perfect for a hot, sunny day and I never felt like it “wilted” around me.  This has become my “go-to” dress when I want to feel pretty but not especially made up.  I love it!

I’m not a fan of shorts; length and fit seem to be issues for me.  And while I love lightweight skirts, I like the coverage of shorts.  Thankfully Fresh Produce has skorts that are both attractive and functional.  I love that you can’t tell it’s a skort!  I paired the Adventure Skort with a colorful shirt, the Logo Fem T.

Fresh Produce Adventure Skort and Logo Fem T
Adventure Skort in Oyster and Logo Fem T in Seaglass

We spent the morning at a parade where I sat in the grass, squatted to take photos and spent a lot of time in positions that would have been un-ladylike in a regular skirt.  I loved the freedom the skort gave me.  The top, though the fit was a bit looser than I prefer,  fit nicely.  The length is perfect, not so short that it bares skin but not so long that you appear to be trying to cover your bum.  It was a great active day outfit.

Buying Fresh Produce

Fresh Produce clothing is available online and can be shipped to over 200 countries.  They also have adorable dresses for little girls.

I found Fresh Produce to have great clothing for busy, active women and I personally recommend them.

Disclosure: I was provided with complimentary outfits.  Thoughts on the clothing and images are my own.

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