February Failures #50_before50

Last Updated on March 9, 2020 by Jody Halsted

February pummeled me.

I started the month behind and, even with that extra day, could not catch up.

I had a couple small wins, and a half-win, but overall February was a downer.

Since the end of the month is a good time to review goals let’s dig in to what happened in February.

February #50_before50

February #50_before50 Goal Report

Of my 50 goals I’m going to report on 6 today.

Goal #1 Lose 50 lbs
February report: no change

I fluctuated up and down a pound here, 2 pounds there, throughout the month. It wasn’t totally unexpected as I began working out harder this month and that always causes me to hold or even gain weight.

Unfortunately this is discouraging so I am going to also begin tracking measurements once a month to, hopefully, see change that isn’t evident on a scale.

Goal #9 Pay Off Debt
February report: slow and steady

Nothing was paid off this month though I did move one high interest credit card to a 0% card which will save us a few hundred dollars by the time it is paid off (hopefully in a couple months).

Goal #24 Income Goal for February
I barely made half my income goal in February. The first months of the year can be difficult as some of the income earned is actually paid from previous months- and the end of the year is the slowest time for my business.

Now for some good news…

Goal #28 Planning the Ireland Vacation of Your Dreams onto Kindle & print on demand
February report: half completed

I updated my book and created a new resource page just for readers! Now in its 3rd edition my book Planning the Ireland Vacation of Your Dreams is available on Kindle! Cost is $9.99 but it is included in Kindle Unlimited, so if you are part of that program you can download and read it for free!

If you do download it please, PLEASE, leave a kind review. It will help my book be noticed in the sea of big publishers!

Unfortunately uploading a book for print on demand is a bit more complicated and I’ll need to hire someone to do this well. I hope to have this completed by the end of April.

Goal #31 Start Midwest Mastermind Group
February report: success!

At the end of February I had 4 people signed on to take part in my Midwest Mastermind group- with 2 more joining before the March 2 deadline. I am so excited to help these ladies build their online businesses!

Goal #46 Monthly Genealogy
February report: success!

I scheduled this in and did it! Not that I got a lot done… but I the fact that I set up the time and didn’t book over it – even though there were plenty of things I could have been doing- made this a win.

March Focus

February ended with the Coronavirus making headlines and causing widespread pandemonium. This is not good for international travel and I’m not sure what the next few months holds for the Ireland portion of my business.

I will be focusing more on my camping site this month, as well as digging into my affiliate platforms more in preparation for a session on creating strong affiliate partnerships I will be teaching in June.

I also need to grow this website as I would like to have it on Mediavine by May (and it needs a LOT of work!).

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