Am I Having a Midlife Crisis? #50_before50

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As I was noticing all the changes that were creeping into the fringes of my consciousness – the new aches, the thinning eyelashes, the deep wrinkle between my eyebrows- I never once thought I would experience a midlife crisis.

As my husband and I set future goals, made plans to return our leased business vehicle and buy a replacement it never even occurred to me.

As we ordered our new truck and waited, rather impatiently, for it to be completed and shipped, I never once thought of it as a midlife crisis car.

It wasn’t until we got it, and I was driving through town, music up, top down, that I realized that this vehicle, one reminiscent of two I had owned when I was younger, made me feel like a ‘self’ I had left behind.

More free, maybe a bit untethered, and definitely more fun.

And then it hit me… This is my midlife crisis vehicle!

2020 Jeep Gladiator Overland edition
We bought this as a tow vehicle for our RV. Who knew it was my midlife crisis car???

What is a Midlife Crisis, Anyway?

According to the Oxford Dictionary a midlife crisis is an emotional crisis of identity and self-confidence that can occur in early middle age.

Great- so now I’m middle aged.

According to WebMD the ‘midlife crisis’ is a normal stage of life which manifests differently for men and women.

Men, the article says, ‘want to prove something’ -success, virility, power- while ‘women may become more selfish’, feeling they have ‘paid their dues’.

Well, ouch.

But not too far off what I am feeling, if I’m being honest.

I’m at the point where my girls are well able to care for themselves if Doug and I want an evening out. We have even planned short breaks where we have someone available to drive them to activities and spend the night as a safety precaution, but they take care of themselves.

And I’ve mostly shed the ‘mom guilt’ of not being around for some important events. Case in point: I was leading a tour in Ireland and missed my youngest daughter’s birthday. Oops!

So am I experiencing a midlife crisis? Who knows. Maybe I just feel like I am more able to take back a bit of who I was while exploring who I will be going forward.

Love this alternate thought on midlife crisis (from WebMD article linked above),

“You’re not losing your identity. You have an opportunity to create a new one.”

Joan R. Sherman, LMFT

Gotta Look for the Bright Spots

I went to see my chiropractor today for some of my aches and pains. As we discussed the exercises I can and can’t do right now (buh bye squats!) I was musing about middle age.

He has heard me joke about my midlife crisis vehicle before and, as we laughed about that, he asked how old I am.

“I turned 49 two weeks ago,” I replied.

“Really? Aging is being kind to you. I thought you were closer to my age (44).”

And that is why I will never switch chiropractors.


Welcome drink on Aer Lingus Business Class
Business class, Aer Lingus, September 2019

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