Happy 50th Birthday to Me #50_before50

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If you have been paying attention to my ramblings this year you probably realize that my 50th birthday has passed, thus ending my #50_before50 goals for this year.

You might, in fact, be wondering how it all ended up. And maybe even if the goals I failed at will be put out to try again in 2021.

Well, I’m here to appease your curiosity! Let’s dig in!

happy birthday year end goal review #50_before50

When I decided to set 50 goals to complete during my 50th year COVID 19 hadn’t become a daily intrusion into our lives. My business was set for the best year ever and, truly, the sky was the limit.

#50_before50 Goals

I set 50 goals I wanted to complete before my 50th birthday. Weight loss goals. Money goals. Travel goals. Business goals. I covered everything.

When I set these goals I knew there was no way I could complete them all. Especially the travel goals – there really wasn’t enough time. But I’ve always been one to dream big – so why not try???

Other than missing my first travel goal due to an unfortunate accident, things were going well as 2020 began. I started the year with a couple of wins and a week in Ireland, and things were looking pretty darn good.

February was a downer, but March started so strong… until the world caught a virus. And things went downhill rather quickly from there.

While I did make some alterations to my goals, they were mainly kept as originally written as I (like everyone else in the world) hoped the fear and panic of COVID would pass quickly. Unfortunately that was not to be and I watched as slowly, month by month, my goals dropped off.

So… how did things end up?

#50_before50 Goal Wrap-up

I had 3 main goals for the year.

  1. Lose 50 pounds
  2. Pay off all debt
  3. Bike across the state of Iowa

These were all derailed by the novel Coronavirus.

Goal 1 Total weight lost: 15 lbs
Truly, I’m just glad my ‘quarantine 15’ didn’t go the other way! But between quarantine, taking a job outside the house (more on that in Goal 2), and sever mood swings, I’m happy with what I did accomplish.

Goal 2 Maybe 10% of debt was paid off
As I said earlier, my business was set for the best year ever. Every debt we had, other than our home and RV, would have been paid off. Unfortunately I work in travel, and my specialty is Ireland travel, which was decimated by the pandemic.

To keep from incurring additional debt I took a job at a local grocery store fulfilling online shopping orders. And while that has been a blessing it has also meant I don’t have time to alter my own business for 2021.

It has also been a 90% pay cut (approximately). Nothing grounds you quicker than that!

Goal 3 Didn’t even come close
The organized ride I planned to do was cancelled and all the hours I was working left little time for biking. Then there was the Derecho, which closed roads and trails for weeks…

Other Goals
While a few of these were met, most were not. Time and accessibility were the main reasons, but, if I’m being honest, I was battling some severe depression as well.

It seemed like nothing was really worth pursuing. Why bother working if no one was traveling? And why work on goals that had no chance of completion? It was a viscous cycle of self-doubt and self-limiting behavior.

And, if I’m being honest, I’m not completely sure I am through it yet. Some days seem bright, others bleak. And this isn’t going to disappear magically in 2021 (though I will be glad to put 2020 behind me!).

See how all the goals ended up here.

Goals – What’s Next and Would I Do This Again?

I am currently working on my goals for 2021. While a few of my #50_before50 goals will carry over, many will not. I’ll be sharing those as the new year begins.

Would I do this again? Yes. I think it is important to set goals in your life; how do you progress if you don’t know where you are headed? But I won’t ever set so many in a single year again. That was just madness!

Tell me…

Did you set goals for 2020? How are they going? Did COVID 19 alter or destroy them?

Will you set goals for 2021?

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  1. Welcome to the 50 club! I am just a few months away from 51. I can tell you this was not the year I planned either for my 50th. I have never been home this much in my entire life, childhood included! Whatever goals I might have had would have been blown up by covid. I did manage to. lose 10 pounds I had slowly gained over the course of moving from Phoenix to Raleigh plus 5 more. I am still trying to figure out 2021…

    1. Thanks Andi! It was a challenging year for sure- and I don’t know if 2021 will be any better (at least for the first 6 months).
      Cheers to meeting it all head on and plowing through!

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